Twin Souls art project focused on what each man longs for - unconditional (divine) love. The

cycle was inspired by the Greek myth of Zeus, the god of heaven and earth, who had split all

the androgyne souls into two separate beings – a man and a woman, thus undermining their

power. Their reunion is the symbol of the highest form of love, and in order for it to happen, it is necessary to reject ego, vanity, social norms and protrude to the essence of a man.

Often poetic, at the border of surrealism, figurative, and sometimes abstract, these paintings

show the struggle between the limited reality and the unlimited imagination of creative

individuals who are able to see much more. I strongly believe that true inspiration comes from within but is shaped by extrinsic factors and sometimes limited by our comfort zone.

Depicting the surrealistic subjects, brought from deep subconsciousness, I tried to make the

observers look at the richness of their own inner world and turn to higher consciousness. That microcosm is exactly the inexhaustible source of inspiration.