There is a great value behind old traditional art even though it became obsolete a long time ago. Vigour and manner of the old masters of realism and baroque are diverse yet every masterpiece is so powerful that it leaves you speechless once you stand in front of it. I had the honor to learn traditional techniques from one of the greatest artists in the south of Serbia and even though my work portrays something totally different, I really enjoy making traditional portraits from time to time. Every time I do that, I can't help but honor the fathers of traditional art and the cultural heritage they left behind.


These paintings are done in oil on canvas with mediums and chemicals specific to the old masters. It is a long process that requires imprimatur, underdrawing, brush sketch, dead layer, color underpainting, working on details (Alla-Prima) and finally, glazing layers. However, it all brings us to high quality, durable artworks. Here are some of the ordered traditional portraits I made during the previous years. Enjoy scrolling through my art studio online!