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Creative Things You Can Do During the Quarantine Time

Most of us are stumped about what to do now while we are locked down in our homes. From my point of view, this is a perfect time for personal growth as well as for some cool projects inside your home. Let me remind you that some of the greatest books, works of art or theories were created during the isolation time. Isaac Newton Discovered Gravity While in Quarantine. Shakespeare was in isolation at the time he wrote King Lear in 1606. Edward Munch created a painting Self-Portrait with the Spanish Flu when he caught the disease during the pandemic while living in Norway and so on and so forth. You don't need to be Picasso in order to create beautiful pieces of art. Here are some of the ideas you can try out.

Make Cute Drawings for Your Home

Even if you have two left hands for art, I am sure you can easily make some abstract drawings or doodles that will perfectly decorate any wall in your house. You can use a ruler to draw straight lines and different objects such as bowls or glasses to create circles. For those of you who have kids, engage them in this drawing activity and frame their little artworks later. It's a perfect time killer for them and makes them feel rewarded and motivated once they see their artwork is hanging on the wall.

Make Your Own Painting

It has never been easier to create art on a budget, especially with numerous tutorials related to pouring technique, abstract acrylic paintings made by means of different objects and so on. What you are going to need for this kind of project is canvas, colors and other media you want to use. Check out my website and write to me, I am eager to share some of the easy

Start Writing a Diary

Taking care of our emotional health and managing stress levels while in quarantine is crucial. One of the ways to achieve that, apart from a healthy diet, a good amount of exercise and sleep, is writing a diary. Write down your concerns and how you are feeling in your diary. Write about everything that bothers you and try to find a good side of all this. It can really help you discover your subconsciousness and face it maturely.

Write a blog or anything you like to write

This time is just perfect for writing a poem, a book or at least a blog as we are having a lot more free time. Whatever your subject may be, think about this precious time and use it wisely. Who knows, maybe your blog helps somebody out there. And maybe your poem or book becomes a famous masterpiece one day.

Make Your Own Sculpture from Scratch

Who doesn't love sculptures? And who wouldn't like to have one in their home? Well, if you are on the creative side, you can make one. I don't say you should be Michaelangelo and make 17.0 ft David for you home, but rather a small decorative piece for your shelf. There are so many tutorials that explain some easy ways to make a sculpture and the best of all, you don't need a fortune for the material supply. What I saw in some tutorials is phenomenal sculptures out of scratch, out of garbage or plastic as a call to stop pollution. Isn't it a great idea?

Rearrange Your Furniture and Decorate Your Home

If you like interior design or you are simply tired of looking at one and the same room every day, try transforming it. At least, it's easy. Reconfiguration of your existing furniture is a cost-effective way to improve your living space and freshen it up. Change the decor on your bookshelves. Declutter your coffee table and work desk. Replace the pillows or move them around somewhere else and voila! Totaly new room! If you are like me, that you will try every possible furniture arrangement in your living space and all in circles.

There are plenty of things you can do when you are locked in your house. Use your imagination, spread your creative wings and magic will happen.

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