Contemporary art is a symbol of freedom and infinite use of different materials, sources, and styles to play with visual elements and create harmony. It is limitless and INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT TO SOCIETY... The truth of the matter is that the diverse perspectives that are expressed through contemporary art are incredibly valuable to society, and reflect the many changes that we've had both in philosophy and in science over the course of our lifetime.


I love the fact that it is based on abstract expressionism as that is something I have always been drawn to and I see as a basis for my work. It has a heritage of artistic vanguards and seeks different forms of expression. Its works are original, artistic and leave the mark on every artist. From my point of you, it's a never-ending play with forms, textures, and colors. Not to mention that it is beautiful and decorative and that it leaves observers with an opportunity for different interpreting. It can also convey powerful messages to society even though it's in an abstract form. You'll notice that sometimes the style of my contemporary art pieces differs. This is because of the commissioned work. It is funny because it can easily move me out of my comfort zone but it's a challenge I always accept. Have fun in my art studio online!