Art is there to make this world a better place. 

The microcosm is the epitome of the inexhaustible source of creativity. The ideas about new paintings are haunting me until the moment I transfer them to the canvas. That way my imaginary worlds come to life and real battles begin on the canvas until the last move.

Milica Da Costa

Milica Da Costa was born in Vranje, a small town in the south of Serbia, in 1990.


She has been involved in fine art since 1999 when she started working with her first art teacher, an academic artist from her hometown, Dragan Stojanovic – Shutil. At those times, she was mastering the basics of anatomy, the theory of color, form and different techniques of painting. As she was in the stage of learning, at first she was exploring a pure realism.


Later on, from 2003 to 2009, Milica was preparing for the Academy of Art in Serbia in the private art school in her hometown where the academic artist Vesna Marinkovic Stankovic and her husband, graphic designer, Goran Stankovic couldn't help but notice a great talent in a young kid. As the art school was sponsored by the University of Vranje, it gave her the opportunity to exhibit her artwork in the local art gallery side by side with students of art. From 2016 to 2018, she worked with her second mentor, an academic artist from Nis, Slaboljub Todorovic Zorkin, who taught her traditional art techniques and alchemy. Her traditional portraits are from that phase of her art career followed by the blue period and her first solo exhibition. 


In the meantime, Milica became a member of Constantine the Emperor (Car Konstantin) Multimedia Association of Artists in Nis and has been exhibiting her works on a regular basis during the previous years.


Due to her dedication and striving towards popularizing the Multimedia Association of Artists, she was given the role of a member of the Supervisory Board. Da Costa was involved in the search for funds and partnerships. She was also responsible for the public reputation of the Association.  

In 2018, Milica formed an informal group of artists named Creative Dialogue (orig. Kreativni dijalog) and started working on the realization of humanitarian art projects on the territory of Nis. Two projects that were accepted and sponsored by the city of Nis are large scale murals in Dusko Radovic Orphanage (orig. Dom za decu i omladinu Dusko Radovic) and Mara Center for Adults with Disabilities (orig. Centar-Dnevni boravak Mara) in Niš. She continued her humanitarian work as well as the projects related to pollution. 

In 2019 she unleashed from the traditional forms and made a huge impact with another solo exhibition, totally different from the first one. At this stage, she works with both of her mentors. 


As her mentor, Zorkin, once wrote, "The creative work of Da Costa is a synonym of heterogeneity that she tries to homogenize and create a new artistic expression. It is indeed possible to make a symphony of heterogeneous artistic expressions by means of a transcendental introspection. What Milica teaches us all is that there is no such thing in art that is impossible and as she has always claimed, human subconsciousness is an unlimited source of creativity. It is possible that Da Costa is presenting the essence of creativity by showing that art is not able to develop but change its form just like the substance. The essence and main goal of art is freedom. Freedom is also a goal and it is taken from the introspective contemplation of an artist. Milica always follows her own way of visualization without fully considering the theory of art. Her courage is impressive because in her works one can see that she is impulsive, expressive and non-compromising when it comes to her artwork. The doctrine is only a word with a sound of dogma for this type of artist. Her influence proves that art pieces are "unreachable" peaks that are there to be watched without too much explanation and interpretation. " 

Solo exhibitions

  • Twin Souls, Paris Art gallery in Nis, 2018

  • Illumination, Dnevna soba gallery in Nis, 2019.

Collective exhibitions

  • Exhibition of Art School members, National University Gallery, Vranje, 2003

  • Annual Exhibition of Art School Members, National University Gallery, Vranje, 2004

  • Collective Exhibition of Constantine the Emperor Multimedia Association of Artists, Gallery of the Cultural Center of Nis, Nis, 2017

  • Collective Exhibition of Constantine the Emperor Multimedia Association of Artists, Gallery of the Cultural Center of Nis, Nis, 2018

  • Collective Exhibition of Constantine the Emperor Multimedia Association of Artists, Gallery of the Cultural Center of Nis, Nis, 2019

  • Saint Sava Art Salon, won 3rd place, Vucje, 2019

Other projects and events

  • Creative dialogue humanitarian project sponsored by the city of Nis,  "Dusko Radovic" orphanage, Nis, 2018

  • Art speaks to the heart humanitarian project sponsored by the city of Nis, Mara Center for Adults with Disabilities, Nis, 2018/2019

  • Open Heart Street Festival and Exhibition, Niš 2019

  • Green Mission Art Workshop sponsored by Green Key (Zeleni kljuc) environmental organizations Niš, 2019

  • Saint Sava Park Art Colony, Nis, 2021